Consortium Opportunity:

Paul has an active consortium opportunity for high school and college level concert band ensembles. The main benefit of joining a consortium is sponsoring the creation of new music, but sharing the cost with other ensembles. All members will be listed as sponsors once the music is published. Groups may list their performance as a regional premiere in their program.

Ensemble type: Concert Band

Difficulty: Grade 3

Length: 5-7 minutes

Title: TBD

Initial Deadline to Join: September 15th, 2023 (Need at least 20 groups to proceed; if the minimum is not met, no one will be charged. If the minimum is reached, groups may continue to buy-in until the end of the exclusivity period.)

Music Delivery Date: November 1st, 2023

Consortium Exclusivity Period: Through December 31st, 2024

Buy-in: Second Tier = $200, First Tier = $300

Second Tier Benefits: PDF delivery of score and parts, license to re-print unlimited copies for your own band, livestream rights for performance, exclusivity for consortium members through the end of 2024.

First Tier Benefits: all second tier benefits, PDF scans of Paul’s handwritten notes from initial stages of composition, 1-hour video chat clinic with Paul. (Limited number: 15 spots remaining.)

Inspiration: For thousands of years, art and music have been integral parts of the human experience. In particular, both creating and performing music have been viewed as adding a unique richness to life, as well as allowing for particularly deep levels of communication between people regarding thoughts and emotions. Fast forward to modern times. We hear in recent news that artificial intelligence (AI) can now “compose” music (and in a sense perform, using sound libraries). This development prompts many questions. What purpose does music serve in our society, and can computer-generated music fulfill that purpose? Is AI music that conveys ideas and emotions valid when the composer is incapable of thinking, feeling, or experiencing its own music? How much influence will humans allow AI to have over the direction of our culture? Where is the line between outsourcing labor and outsourcing what makes us distinctly human? Clearly, a crossroads looms ahead of us; adopting a merely consumerist mindset may bring dark, unforeseen consequences. However, we still have the freedom to lean into our humanity by choosing to experience beauty, grief, joy, excitement, longing, fulfillment, love…and to share those experiences with others in our community through music. This piece will explore contrasting futures for the role of music in human culture.

If you have further questions regarding consortium details, please reach out to Paul via the regular contact form. Directors will receive invoices and contracts after Paul confirms the minimum number of groups (20) has been met. In the event the minimum is not met, directors will be notified and no one will be charged.

For those ready to commit to becoming consortium members, please sign up via the form below:

Individual Commissions:

Paul has written for concert band, orchestra, choir, and chamber ensembles. He is currently accepting custom commission requests from ensembles of all sizes. The main benefit to an individual commission is the ability to tailor brand-new music specifically to the size and strengths of your group. Pieces might celebrate an occasion, honor a community member, or explore an idea.

In terms of Paul’s compositional style and philosophy, several items should be noted. First, Paul has had many wonderful experiences playing with various groups, so his main goal is that his music would contribute to a rich, deeply moving experience for each performer and audience member. He believes music is a gift that should bring beauty into the world, which is why so many of his works have hope woven into them. Paul’s style has often been called cinematic, and tends to have strong melodies and harmonies; he also aims to make all parts interesting and engaging. Regarding instrumentation, Paul understands that ensembles (especially in the educational realm) have varying capabilities and needs. He has made it a standard practice to double or cross-cue less common instruments, and strives to create a percussion soundscape that can succeed with both small and large sections.

The length, difficulty, instrumentation, features or solos, mood, genre(s), or any other requests clients may have, are all taken into account before writing begins. Once Paul and his clients agree on the basics, a contract is signed by both parties. After that, he typically arranges a call or video chat with the ensemble director so they can set the specific music requirements for the piece. Electronic demos are often used as a tool in Paul’s composition process, and they allow him to share the general feel of the music with the director as the project is in its final stages. Upon completion, a PDF score is emailed to the director, and once payment is received, PDFs of the parts are also sent by email. Paul loves to livestream and attend premieres, so please communicate the date as soon as possible!

Quotes for pricing are unique to each group and are mainly based on ensemble size, length of piece, and difficulty. Paul has been able to work with various schools and colleges, and is generally open to negotiation. Please include any requests for clinics or rehearsal attendance in your initial communication. For pieces with longer timelines or higher budgets, payments may be made via installments for flexibility.

Photo by McGowan Media